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Our tutorials will introduce you to Owl Protocol's Dynamic NFT features using basic use cases:

1. Arbitrary NFT Data Encoding - ERC721Dna

This example shows how to encode any data into an NFT. We use a binary data format combined with an off-chain schema to maximize efficiency and provide more data for 3rd-party tools to interpret your data.

Common use cases:

  • Membership NFTs - Add crucial data you want to expose to partners on-chain in the NFT itself, allowing quick integration into DeFi, ticketing, and more.
  • Digital Twins - Tokenize real-world assets for integrated on-chain tools to automate verification of ownership, and unlock DeFi use cases.

2. Dynamic NFT Image with Removable Layers - ERC721TopDownDna

This example introduces how to approach a new Dynamic NFT project and consider data encoding and how to deploy your project.

Common use cases:

  • Dynamic PFPs - NFT art/profile pics with removable clothing, accessories, or any layers as standalone NFTs.
  • Web3 Gaming - represent your avatar or character on-chain with all attachments, equipment, and/or inventory.

More Tutorials Coming Soon - Updated 2023-03-10