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Getting started


  • Node.js v16 or v18
  • PNPM (NPM is fine too - if you are using NPM, replace pnpm with npm in the below commands)
  • Owl Protocol CLI


  • Install the CLI if you haven't already:
pnpm install -g @owlprotocol/nft-sdk-cli

Clone the Starter Template Repo

Our starter template is at:

git clone
cd starter-cli
  • Install node modules:
pnpm install

Environment variables

  • NETWORK: the network settings to use in the networks.json file.
    • Note: you can add more network settings in that file.
  • HD_WALLET_MNEMONIC: the mnemonic to use for blockchain interactions with the CLI.
  • PRIVATE_KEY_0: instead of HD_WALLET_MNEMONIC, you can directly specify a private key.

Note: by default, the owl-cli looks at .env.development for environment variables if it exists.

Project setup

Create a folder under projects, say my-project:

mkdir projects/my-project

Create your traits.ts and collections.ts files in that folder.

Compiling projects

Run the build script to compile TypeScript files in the projects foldfer into JavaScript files.

pnpm run build

Run Ganache or configure the network you want to use

Running Ganache locally is easy:

pnpm i -g ganache
ganache --wallet.mnemonic '<MY MNEMONIC>'

This must match the HD_WALLET_MNEMONIC in the .env.development file.

Generating a collection JSON Schema

owl-cli generateJsonSchema collections.js --projectFolder=projects/<my-project>

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