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Owl Protocol - Developer Documentation


Learn by example with our DNA Image Layers Tutorial!

Explore how to create a new collection NFT profile pic, with detachable layers.

Owl Protocol is Developing Standards for NFT Data and Logic

- Dynamic NFT Data - Standards for NFT Data Encoding

Owl Protocol is working with various groups to create templates and standards for specific industries or verticals.

  • Our Off-Chain Schema architecture allows one interface / set of smart contracts to support multiple standards at once.
  • A powerful JS SDK encapsulates all data management of our standards.
Try It Out!

See our NFT Data Encoding Tutorial to learn how it works.

- Dynamic NFT Logic - Primitives for NFT Mechanics

Common Mechanics:

  • Combining - (Crafting) Deploy external Asset Router smart contracts that can combine separate inputs and map to different outputs.

  • Attaching/Detaching - (Equipment) An extension of the Top Down NFT concept to not only allow NFTs to own other NFTs, but also expose child NFT data recursively.

  • Breeding - (DNA Inheritance) Advanced features on top of our Asset Router smart contracts that allow defining inheritance of traits/attributes.


Adding Data of Execution Value to NFTs

  • Membership NFTs
  • DAOs
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Cross Metaverse Interoperability
  • Web3 Gaming

Our flexible JSON Schema allows developers andcreators to encode compressed binary data on-chain, that can decoded by anyone anyone with our SDK.

Add critical data such as Date Last Transferred, Points, Level, Tier, Status, and more in a manageable way.

Extend data standards for specific industries, ensuring that our NFTs can be understood and easily integrated with future/existing projects.

Creating New Utilities for Existing NFTs

  • Partnerships/Collabs - Adding New Crafting Recipes Across One or More NFT Collections

  • Token Gated Campaigns - Allow Mint or Airdrop Campaigns with Complex and Engaging Rules

  • Revitalize Existing NFTs - Add New Utilities to Existing NFTs by Upgrading NFTs

  • Repurpose NFTs from Dead Projects - Create Combining Rules to Recycle Old NFTs into New Dynamic NFTs

Tokenization of Real World Assets

Add critical data of the real world asset being represented in a standard data format.


  • PDF Attachments - Add an IPFS of pinned attachments such as Certificates of Authenticity, Proof of Reserves, and more.

  • Unique Identifiers - Collaborate with existing working groups, or make your own standard for representing unique physical items on-chain in an understandable way.

  • Item Descriptors - Define fields for capturing essential data for proper identification of the item.

  • Ownership - Permissions to update, manage the location and owner or custodian of an item.